The event was a great success. We were delighted by the enthusiasm of the Platforms and the Lenders.

A few summary statistics:
6 event categories
20 platforms participated
29 videos submitted representing projects in 6 countries
5,000 votes cast

Eiffel Investment Group actively supports the development of digital lending throughout Europe. We manage a ca. €250 million of investments in this strategy including Prêtons Ensemble, a Fund sponsored by Aviva, Ag2r La Mondiale, MGEN and Klesia.

We were excited to sponsor the first EUROPEAN DIGITAL LENDING AWARDS. Thank you to all the platforms and companies which participated in the contest. We hope to see you next year. And thank you to all the people who voted for the projects….without you all of this would not have been possible.

Award Green Planet - Générale du Solaire - Lendosphere
Award Creating Jobs - Metalliance - WeShareBonds
Award Disruptive Tech - SelfStock - ClubFunding
Award Quality of Life - All About Healthcare - Linked Finance
Award Inclusive Economy - Mujeres Y CIA - Finanzarel (exaequo)
Award Inclusive Economy - Nou verd and Nou set - Loanbook (exaequo)
Award Most unexpected - Sky Hero - Look&Fin - Belgium


Awards - Category: Green planet

Awards - Category: Creating jobs

Awards - Category: Disruptive tech

Awards - Category: Quality of life and sustainability of cities and communities

Awards - Category: Inclusive economy

Awards - Category: Most unexpected